Geuyen und Partner

Consulting Fields

Geuyen & Partner specializes in providing tax, management and legal advice to businesses and entrepreneurs, public corporations and high-net-worth individuals in all structuring questions and transactions. In particular, we focus on the following areas:

  • tax, management and legal advice in connection with (tax) laws for companies and corporate groups;
  • tax, management and legal advice in connection with corporate acquisitions (mergers & acquisitions/private equity);
  • advice in connection with international transactions and structuring questions, as well as international tax law;
  • tax, management and legal advice in connection with tax-optimized structuring for both companies and private individuals;
  • implementation advice;
  • establishing tax-optimized "family offices" for high-net-worth individuals;
  • general corporate, management and strategy consulting, and advice in connection with financing questions (Advisory);
  • conventional auditing of end-of-year and consolidated financial statements (Assurance);
  • audit-like services in connection with transactions and structuring questions, e.g. advising clients in all questions relating to international accounting (Assurance).


Sample consulting projects

Our partners and their teams have provided tax, financial and legal advice in connection with a large number of major projects in the past.

For example, we have worked on the following projects:

  • advising mid-size companies, including one of Germany's largest private construction businesses, a major real estate company, several companies in the financial services sector and large service companies, which we also advise in on tax and legal optimization and in connection with tax audits;
  • advising private equity firms in all questions relating to buying and selling companies or business units, as well as associated management, tax and legal questions;
  • advising high-net-worth individuals in questions relating e.g. to moves abroad, estate tax optimization, preparing for succession and creating foundations. We also advise these persons, partially and fully, through our tax-optimized "family offices";
  • advising a number of major private and commercial banks, at whose request we typically advise owners of mid-size businesses and their companies in tax and legal questions;
  • outside of our ongoing project-related consulting services, we also advise large mid-range companies and public corporations in connection with isolated special projects (e.g. outsourcing pension obligations, optimizing tax loss write-offs, outsourcing operations abroad and international financing structures);
  • we also act in a whole series of cases, particularly cases which involve complex tax measures, as the "consultant's consultant," i.e. advising other legal and tax advisors on how to advise their clients.