Geuyen und Partner

About Us

GEUYEN & Partners is an inter-disciplinary international partnership of accountants, auditors and attorneys.

The partnership is a "project consulting firm" specializing in providing high-quality tax, management and legal advice to businesses and entrepreneurs, public corporations and high-net-worth individuals for all transactions and structuring questions.

Our services are provided through the following divisions: tax (national and international tax law), legal (particularly corporate, banking, capital market and labor law) and advisory (general corporate, management and strategy consulting, as well as national and international transaction management).

In providing our services, we are committed to ensuring the highest possible quality and professionalism and to providing our clients with individualized, creative and results-oriented advice. As an independent partnership built on the principles of transparency, equal rights, loyalty and independent responsibility, comprised of accountants, auditors and attorneys who think and act like entrepreneurs, we are equal to this challenge.

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